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I'm a science fiction, mystery, and historical fiction author, with a passion for reading the same. I'm also a nonfiction author - of books about media history, social media, and media evolution.
Mechanized Masterpieces: a Steampunk Anthology - A.F. Stewart, Penny  Freeman, Alyson Grauer, Aaron Sikes, Belinda Sikes, Anika Arrington, David W. Wilkin, M.K. Wiseman, Neve Talbot, Scott William Taylor Just my cup of rusty tea - actually, eight cups, all Victorian, but filled with flavors ranging from delicate to industrial, all infused like all fine steampunk with devices from the subsequent centuries. But more than that, you'll find in this anthology not only cyborgs and flying machines and electrical and medical magic, but deft and memorably poetic writing, inscribed in glistening multicolor ink on a sky "the color of the sail". Whether you're a fan of the genre or brand new to it, whether you think you have a hankering or you know you do for reading what Dickens or Poe or Bierce would have written had they seen the 21st century, you'll find in this book a rare and exhilarating treat.